Sidik.My CircuitPython,Grafana,InfluxDB,Node-Red,RP2040 Aplikasi MQTT, Node-Red, InfluxDB dan Grafana

Aplikasi MQTT, Node-Red, InfluxDB dan Grafana

import time from microcontroller import cpu import board import digitalio import busio import binascii import sys import re import adafruit_ssd1306 import adafruit_requests as requests from adafruit_espatcontrol import adafruit_espatcontrol from adafruit_espatcontrol import adafruit_espatcontrol_wifimanager import adafruit_espatcontrol.adafruit_espatcontrol_socket as socket import adafruit_minimqtt.adafruit_minimqtt as MQTT import json # Get wifi details and more from a file try: from secrets import secrets except ImportError: print("All secret keys are kept in, please add them there!") raise # mula penggunaan UART UART connection to the ESP8266 WiFi Module. wifiUart = busio.UART(board.GP16, board.GP17, receiver_buffer_size=2048) # Use large buffer as we're not using hardware flow control. esp = adafruit_espatcontrol.ESP_ATcontrol(wifiUart, 9600, debug=False) wifi = adafruit_espatcontrol_wifimanager.ESPAT_WiFiManager(esp, secrets) # mendefinisikan penggunaan UART uart = busio.UART(board.GP4, board.GP5, baudrate=9600, receiver_buffer_size = 2048) # Mendefinisikan I2C untuk OLED LCD_SDA = board.GP2 LCD_SCL = board.GP3 i2c = busio.I2C(scl=LCD_SCL, sda=LCD_SDA) oled = adafruit_ssd1306.SSD1306_I2C(128, 64, i2c) # Setup a feed named `testfeed` for publishing. default_topic = "/environment/environment" # Define callback functions which will be called when certain events happen. def connected(client, userdata, flags, rc): print("Connected to MQTT broker! Listening for topic changes on %s" % default_topic) client.subscribe(default_topic) def disconnected(client, userdata, rc): print("Disconnected from MQTT Broker!") def message(client, topic, message): print("New message on topic {0}: {1}".format(topic, message)) # Connect to WiFi print("Connecting to WiFi...") wifi.connect() print("Connected!") MQTT.set_socket(socket, esp) # Initialize a new MQTT Client object mqtt_client = MQTT.MQTT( broker=secrets["mqtt_broker"], username=secrets["mqtt_username"], password=secrets["mqtt_password"], port=secrets["mqtt_port"], ) mqtt_topic = "/environment/environment" # Setup the callback methods above mqtt_client.on_connect = connected mqtt_client.on_disconnect = disconnected mqtt_client.on_message = message # Connect the client to the MQTT broker. mqtt_client.connect( ) print("Subscribing to %s" % mqtt_topic) mqtt_client.subscribe(mqtt_topic) print("Publishing to %s" % mqtt_topic) mqtt_client.publish(mqtt_topic, "Hello Broker!") print("Unsubscribing from %s" % mqtt_topic) mqtt_client.unsubscribe(mqtt_topic) print("Disconnecting from %s" % #mqtt_client.disconnect() message_started = False message_print = [] allstring = "" printshow = False # Mula Loop # Setup AT+TEST=RXLRPKT uart.write(bytes("AT+MODE=TEST", "utf-8")) print("Checking.. AT+MODE=TEST") while uart.readline(): print(uart.readline()) uart.write(bytes("AT+TEST=?", "utf-8")) print("Checking.. AT+TEST=TEST=?") while uart.readline(): print(uart.readline()) uart.write(bytes("AT+TEST=RXLRPKT", "utf-8")) print("Checking.. AT+TEST=RXLRPKT") while uart.readline(): print(uart.readline()) #mqtt_client.connect( ) while True: try: byte_read = uart.readline() # read up to 32 bytes if byte_read: allstring += byte_read.decode() printshow = True else: if printshow: if allstring: left = '"3C' right = '3E"' dataRead = r"" + left + "(.*?)" + right + "", allstring ).group(1) clearstring = binascii.unhexlify(dataRead).decode("utf8") print(clearstring) letter_list = clearstring.split(",") temperature = letter_list[0] humidity = letter_list[1] co2 = letter_list[2] oled.fill(0) #Lukis segiempat sama oled.rect(10, 10, oled.width-10, oled.height-10, True) #paparkan pada OLED oled.text("Demo RX Receiving",20,20,1) oled.text("CO2 :" +co2, 20, 30,1) oled.text("Temp :"+temperature, 20, 40, 1) oled.text("Humidity :"+humidity, 20, 50, 1) print("Publishing to %s" % mqtt_topic) brokers_out={"CO2":co2, "Temp":temperature, "Humidity":humidity } data_out=json.dumps(brokers_out) mqtt_client.publish(mqtt_topic, data_out) allstring = "" printshow = False except ValueError as e: # print(e) continue except AttributeError as ea: # print(ea) continue except KeyboardInterrupt: sys.exit()
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